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XLOCK system of two 8mm thick deadlocks working in the horizontal plane and two 8mm thick hooklocks working in opposing directions in the vertical plane means you have a 4 point locking system on every sentri XLOCK box that is not equalled on any van box/sitebox available in the world today. Operating with one key, one lock with one turn.

Substantial construction from 1.5,2 and 3mm sheet steel
Guaranteed key difference of 1:1000.2 keys per box.Every box has
its own individual number for optional replacement key service
Anti-jemmy bars all round
Forklift/pallet truck skids with facility for bolting wheets (excl.VAN BOXES/515)
Twin hydraulic arms and tool mat for every box
Drop down recessed handles
Covered power cable access point for charging tools in the box
Sentribox Black powder coated finish with phosphate anti-corrosion treatment
Full width split heavy duty piano hinge
1 year manufactures warranty against faulty workmanship
Patents design copyrights pending worldwide

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Sentribox XLOCK 422 sitebox

Sentribox XLOCK 422 sitebox£319.00

Sentribox XLOCK 432 sitebox

Sentribox XLOCK 432 sitebox£469.00

Sentribox XLOCK 622 sitebox

Sentribox XLOCK 622 sitebox£559.00

Sentribox XLOCK 515 VANBOX

Sentribox XLOCK 515 VANBOX£219.00

Sentribox XLOCK 515T4

Sentribox XLOCK 515T4£349.00

Sentri Wheel Kit

Sentri Wheel Kit£135.00   £99.00

Sentribox2 205 Vanbox

Sentribox2 205 Vanbox£179.00   £129.00

Sentribox2 215 Vanbox

Sentribox2 215 Vanbox£199.00   £159.00

Sentribox2 Model 225

Sentribox2 Model 225£299.00   £225.00

Sentribox2 Model 235

Sentribox2 Model 235£415.00   £299.00

Sentribox2 Model 245

Sentribox2 Model 245£629.00   £415.00

Sentribox2 Model 442

Sentribox2 Model 442£899.00   £639.00